Monday, January 30, 2012


So the dude picked up a GoPro camera.  It's a neat little toy that I hope will broaden my multimedia offerings.  I was hoping to break it in on the slopes snowboarding but the weather has not exactly cooperated... oh we're getting precip alright, it's just that it is in the form of rain up to about 5500' elevation.  We live in the paradise known as Montana for many reasons-strong economy, good-paying jobs, short commutes to anywhere in the state..... One thing we do not usually have to deal with is shitty snow, if we wanted that we would move to Washington so at least we would be nearer the ocean and consequently the rivers that steelhead swim in.  So until our winter starts acting normal again I will play with my new toy elsewhere.  Oh yeah by the way it's not a GoPro2, I guess maybe our jobs aren't that high paying after all!  Anyway for now I have pretty much just stuck to still images (which is one of the drawbacks with this model-no lcd viewfinder).  Other than that it has proven to be quite user friendly.  I will share a couple of random shots for now, more to follow..............

My oldest grandson Landon, I gotta hand it to my son for letting his kids find their own style and fashion, rock on Landon!

My middle grandson Talon enjoying some pool time, and yes, that's my finger!

Trying it out underwater, my oldest grandson Landon again....

Yet another reason we choose to live here in Montana, new windshields every spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this thing on???  The dude-surprise self portrait!

That's it for now, hopefully it will cool down enough to dump some more fluffy pow, although I'm probably going to be snobby and wait for about 3' of fresh to cover what is rapidly becoming what left coasters know as either "Cascade Concrete" or "Sierra Cement".


  1. Love the self portrait honey, actually love the pics of the boys

  2. Braylon is underrepresented! =[

    Mario found a new camera that he wants, Canon Eos Rebel.

    Your camera looks cool, I looked it up. Did you get the head strap, that would make for interesting viewing!

    1. Shirley, the self portrait was not intended, that was the first time I turned it on and was trying to figure out the different modes when I saw the red light flash! Amber I know poor little BJ didn't make it on here. Yes I got the head strap and two different mounts, one for my helmet so I can take video while snowboarding. Let me know when Mario gets his new camera, I have actually been looking into one myself.

  3. you can use it to film more of the steelfaces I catch since you seldom catch them!