Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The countdown begins

It is officially less than 48 hours until the F3T hits Missoula, the anticipation is palpable.  Even though we've had better than average fishing this winter, the F3T kind of kicks off the countdown to spring and the first hatches and dry fly fishing of the year (even if it is only for a few hours in the afternoon on the 'Root in 40 degree weather!)  The dude will of course be there and will have a rather large contingent, the wife, son, daughter in law, youngest grandson who is 6 months old (you can never start 'em too early right?) and the in-laws (I know what you're thinking but hey, more chances at snagging the swag right?!?)
One bonus to attending is watching the interaction between some of the local guides, it's akin to watching high school freshman girls in their first day of high school.  The scenario breaks down something like this

Guide #1 (replete with fresh F3T trucker swillin a kettlehouse double haul) to Guide #2:  Hey Jeff, how's it goin' man?!?

Guide #2 (replete with "retro" yellow F3T cap from 2010, swilling a PBR tallboy):  Oh hey Chad, doin' good brah, been killin' 'em on the Mo this winter!

Guide #1:  Sweet, I spent 3 weeks in the Keys chasing bones!

Guide #2:  Right on, well hey see ya on the river!  (under his breath to his buddy...He's such a douchebag!)

Guide #1:  For sure, I'm already booked like 120 days (under his breath to his buddy...That guy's a chump, he couldn't catch the clap in a whorehouse!)

Yep, should be a swell time at the Wilma.

by the way, if you're a guide, don't even tell me you didn't chuckle at the all too true previous dialogue!

All kidding aside I'm an absolutely looking forward to it and hope to see you there!


  1. Great post!

    Guide backbiting is just as entertaining as trout biting.

    See your extended family at the Wilma- I'll be the bearded decrepit old guy with a camo "Stu's Flyshop" cap covering my bald head.

  2. Right on, I'm glad someone else finds it as entertaining as I do. Funny thing is every guide I know is a pretty much a great guy! I'll probably be in my cliche troutfitters PBR cap with the purple brat fly on the bill (it's the first fly I that ever brought a steelhead to the surface with so has been forever enshrined on the bill of my fishing cap of the moment!) I look forward to seeing you there!

  3. Can't wait to see your post about the Festival. We always go when it comes to Dallas in the fall. Looking forward to hearing more about "The Arctic," too! Enjoy!

  4. At Anonymous, it was nice meeting you and thanks again for the encouraging words. I didn't catch up to you again to get your name or contact info. I figured since you know the home water and if you ever wanted some company we could hit the river sometime.
    @FlyFishrGrl - I will post soon, and trust me, you will absolutely enjoy this year's tour, it's not to be missed.
    @mtflyfishguide - whatever Brooks, you acted more like that than the rest of them you douchebag!

  5. Craig,
    Good to see you and the family. The pulled pork was good, eh?
    I'm "Sully" and, in stealth mode, "Name Redacted" on the Tom Chandler's Troutunderground blog. Tried to figure out how to send you a PM with an account about last evening but failed.
    Brooks is even mentioned in my report, just not by name. I said that he was the "least tetchy" of the local guides, but based on his pouty message above I may be wrong about that.
    Maybe see you by the secret bridge some time this summer.

  6. Sully, I guess I should disclose that Brooks and I are close friends and that his comment is sarcastic, we give each other crap all the time. Your take on him was pretty spot on, he is truly a nice guy who really never has a bad word for anyone (except me!) If you want you can just email me:

    btw, the pulled pork was WAY good! and I'm jonesin' bad for some fishing now thanks to all of the great films last night!

    tight lines!