Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello Kitty

So one day this past winter my buddy and I were getting cabin fever.  It was February, the days were getting longer and the temperature was in the double digits, pretty decent conditions for February in Montana.  Even though the days were getting longer by the time I threw my shit together and picked my buddy up we had maybe 3 hours of daylight left.  No problem, we probably wouldn't want to wade more than a couple of hours anyway.  When i got to my buddy's house (he only lives about 10 minutes from our home waters) i opened the trunk to the trusty dudemobile (the 4 runner was in the shop) to load my buddy's junk.  Upon closer inspection I noticed my wading boots were nowhere to be seen.  Mother....fucker.   That moment of realization hit me.  Driving back to my place wasn't an option, waste too much daylight.  On a winter day like this not going was not an option, we were itching so bad it was worse than a case of crotch crickets (not that I know personally, strictly for effect!)  My buddy come through with some winter pac boots.  Fuck it, I thought, I'll make them work.  So it was down the road for the short drive to our home waters.  Once there i realized maybe they weren't such a good idea after all, rubber bottom boots, in a freezing ass river, not a good sounding combination.  Upon closer inspection of the trunk, I managed to find a pair of insoles from some tennis shoes.  Hey, these just  might work for some traction.  Now if I could just find something to secure these to the bottom of the boots, I would have some decent makeshift wading boots.  What transpired would have never found it's way onto these pages had I not taken photographic evidence.  My buddy delved into his fishing tote and as you can see, produced a roll of duct tape.  Not just any duct tape either.........

Hello Kitty

What kind of guy carries Hello Kitty duct tape in his box o' fishing shit?  Well wonder no more....

I think we even caught a couple of fish that day.  By the way, the tape only lasted half hour tops.  I didn't fall in though thanks to my superior wading skills!

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  1. Dude.... Hello Dolly is a Broadway musical. *sigh* That is Hello Kitty!

    -Annette :-P