Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The dude still abides....

Greetings everyone.  What originally started out as a short hiatus from posting has turned out to be an extended break that brought me to the point of wondering whether to just do away with my little blog completely or trying to resurrect it with (at least in my mind) meaningful content.  The last thing I wanted to do was keep posting on a quasi-regular basis just for the sake of posting like so many blogs I've followed seemed to come down to.  There are many reasons my break became as extended as it did; life happens, time slips by quicker than expected, and to be honest, I've been lazy.

All of that being said, I've continued chasing trout in my home waters of Montana, expanded my growing obsession and pursuit of steelhead, and have fostered a new warmwater obsession, namely sight fishing for pike in the shallows (which, while very fun in its own right, is kind of a surrogate for sight fishing tarpon until I can organize a trip south-so for any of my followers from Florida/Mexico/Belize that chase tarpon and wouldn't mind some company I'm available!).

I'm also planning a DIY roosterfish trip to the east cape area of Baja Mexico next summer.

In the next series of posts I'll chronicle my hiatus exploits-in no particular order.  Stick around, I promise at least semi-compelling reads, plenty of laughs, some missed attempts at humor, and (most importantly) plenty of my attempts at photography....

I'll leave you this time with a couple of pictures from my latest trip.  I felt the need to kind of reconnect with my small water roots.  A few days ago I began driving upstream on a very famous trout river here in western Montana, for whatever reason I just kept heading upstream until I ran out of people, the water got much smaller but the fish didn't.  There were plenty of cutthroat willing to take dry flies, which is exactly what I was hoping for...

All to myself

Chunky Cutthroat dry fly muncher

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